How not to get banned

You can and often need to write to customers first via WAZZUP. This function is also available for integration with AMOcrm.

The rule to remember: write to a client who expects a message from you or someone who remembers and knows you.
In the first message, you must write who you are, from which company and in what occasion you write, so that at the end you are not blocked and not sent to spam.

WhatsApp can block the account that makes frequent calls or send frequent messages to the user, who does not have you in contacts. It is important to understand that the account is blocked by WhatsApp itself, we can not influence this process in any way. Therefore, for maximum security of the account you should try to work only when the first message is written by your client, not you.

Here are some ways to make your clients write first:

  • When you receive a call on the phone – tell the client to write your WhatsApp number down, and ask to send there something: clarification for the calculation, the address for delivery, the screen of the goods, a photo of what you like or some other valuable information under the pretext of ” under any circumstances the info will not be lost there “.
  • If you have an incoming letter – suggest write to you in WhatsApp to speed up the communication, because it is also a writing way of comunication but much more effective.
  • On the site – place a link or button on the dialog box. the link should look like this one:

WhatsApp does not disclose the exact limits of messages you can write to a client first not to be banned, we tested up to 50 recipients – there were no problems.

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